happy (late) new year!

The Jeifangbei Clock Tower just a few minutes before midnight.

Only one month between posts? I really am turning over a new leaf this year!

New Years Eve was pretty lackluster last winter (like most things at that time), so it was refreshing to have warm weather and a cheery attitude going into that night’s partying.

It started with a little shin-dig at Miles’ apartment with the handful of ruffians not already on vacation. We ordered beer to the apartment* and proceeded enjoy a little alcohol. We played a few rounds of beer pong and flippy cup–with baijiu punishments for the losers–until about 11 p.m. We had been warned by our Chinese friends and expats “in the know” to avoid the Jeifangbei party district until after midnight because it would be too crowded or because the police start turning people away at 10 p.m. We decided to risk it, and as you can see from the photos** below, it paid off.

We arrived in Jeifangbei via overstuffed taxis with our grocery bag of refreshments at about 11:45 p.m. While the center square was busy, we were still able to navigate to within a block of the central clock tower. Then, when the clock struck midnight, the 10,000 people around us let go of what must have been 30,000+ balloons. It was incredible!

*Yep, a man will come a deliver cases of beer to your apartment if you call the local corner shop and ask politely. Yet another reason China rocks.
**Those photos come courtesy of Miles, I didn’t lug my DSLR out to Jeifangbei that night. However, if you want to see some of my latest stuff you can check out this cool Chongqing website.

    • Your favorite former resident
    • February 1st, 2013

    I have a comment and some questions. First of all, I’m so happy that I discovered your blog. I can’t wait to write funny and interesting comments to the stories you post. I hope this encourages you to publish new post more frequently. Now for the hard hitting questions. What baijilu punishments? Secondly, why is it every time I try to tag Eric and myself into your students pictures with you on facebook they refuse to accept the tags I have made? Where is their sense of humor? They should work on that. Also, Now that I know that in China you can have beer delivered to your apartment, Eric and I will be planing a trip to come visit you.

  1. @Your favorite former resident
    Hey, glad you found this too!

    As for baijiu punishment, if you lost the game you would have to take a shot of baijiu. And, let’s be honest, anytime you drink baijiu it’s a punishment, right?

    As for facebook, I don’t know. Have you befriended me on facebook? That could be the issue.

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